Hypnosis In Everyday Life

Many people come to me and are concerned they can’t be hypnotized.  I often remind them that they are

being hypnotized all day by different things they aren’t even aware of.  While driving a car, you don’t think about the act of driving.  You’re talking, thinking about lunch, singing, or daydreaming about something completely unrelated.  This is hypnosis.  When you’re walking down the street completely engrossed in your phone, you’re hypnotized.  When you’re so focused on getting work done that you don’t hear the person next to you talking, you’re hypnotized.

So, how can we harness the power of our mind and use hypnosis to our advantage?  By deliberately going into hypnosis and programming our mind intentionally.   We all have a tape that is constantly running in our brain, telling us things, reminding us of how we think of ourselves.  For better or worse.  What if, you chose to plant seeds of empowering thoughts?  Thoughts that would help you be your best self?

It’s not as hard as it seems.  I’m going to walk you through a basic, self-hypnosis that you can use anywhere and as often as needed throughout the day.

Step 1:  Take some deep breaths and close your eyes.  Picture yourself walking down a beautiful staircase.  Walk down all 20 steps and see a field in front of you.  Sit in that field.

Step 2: Start to visualize your ideal self.  After you’ve achieved your goals and dreams.  What do you feel like?  What are the emotions?  Relish in those emotions.

Step 3: Repeat a mantra to yourself or a good quality you’d like to achieve.  For example: “I am confident and energized.  I love my life and feel charged!”

Step 4:  Walk back up the stairs and count to ten.  When you get to 9, tell yourself to remember everything you did here and tell yourself on 10 you will be wide awake.

Repeat this as much as needed to reprogram your brain with positive, constructive thoughts to replace destructive patterns.


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